Be right back. I’ll explain later.

I didn’t give up blogging again.


Picture 28

Frigging shopping ban. This dress is hot and I want it. I don’t know in what colour yet though. Black? Creme? Sea blue (shown)?

Going to drag Bee to AA tomorrow so I can try it on and order it online when the ban is over (15% with newsletter signup!)

Let’s not talk about the fact that it costs $58 CAD…lol. Damn.

Wheee. I get the whole house AND the car all to myself for the next 10 days. Mommy and Daddy are gone on vacation! They are off for an Alaskan cruise and 2 days in Victoria, British Columbia. Instructions they left me:

Mom: Sweep at least once. I sweep twice a week minimum, I don’t want a messy house when I get back.
Dad: Vacuum the car please I emptied it out. Oh can you mow the lawn too next weekend?
Mom: I stocked the freezer with premade meals I made for you this week. There is marinated ribs, curry chicken and Korean beef (she means bugolgi). Most meats need a day plus overnight to defrost. Don’t use the rice cooker to make brown rice.
Dad: Remember that it’s garbage day next Friday, don’t drag the recycling bin out. Oh and they’re collecting yard waste that day too, you gotta put the tree branches out.
Mom: Don’t go driving around. Just to and from work.
Dad: I left our itinerary on the bulletin board. Don’t call our room unless it’s a REALLY BIG emergency. It’s FIFTEEN DOLLARS PER MINUTE.

lol. Parents. I’m 23 and this is the first time they’re leaving me home alone.

Picture taken from American Apparel website.

I skipped out on going to casino night in Niagara with Bee and his buddies tonight to get some much needed rest.

I missed 2.5 days of work earlier this week becuase I got food poisoning! Ugh. Eating habits have gone back to almost normal today.

Damn you Forever21!!


Nautical and lace, what’s not to love? I also bought an oversized white tee, but no pix. Side rant: Who keeps buying up the size smalls!? F21 needs to produce more, I always end up resorting to buying medium…If I can pull it off.


Assorted Forever 21 accessories. I swear every time I go in that store I end up braving the horrendous change room and cashier lines to try/buy stuff.

So now I feel so frivolous with my hard earned money. Not that I’m in debt or need to save for anything (because I put away one full paycheque a month in just my savings), but I’m going on a one month shopping ban which started June 1!! No clothes/shoes/accessories/cosmetics. Let’s see how it goes.

I leave you with this:


View from Bee’s place after last Saturday’s thunderstorm. The rainbow was so big I couldn’t capture the whole thing in one shot.

My weekend consisted of:

  • A picnic dinner at the beach with Bee on Friday night ❤ (of course I forgot my camera).
  • Being ridiculously dressed to play golf at the driving range (again, no photos) on Saturday.
  • Meeting up with M on Sunday to check out the city’s first Anthropologie store at the Shops at Don Mills (I actually brought my camera but got distracted by pretty things and +$100 cotton sundresses that I would never buy because they are way out of budget).


I always get suckered into these free card programs. Loving the Minimalist look to this one.

Hair clips from Antho, so I can finally stop being embarrassed about clipping back my bangs with hairclips from the 7th grade lol.


Silk scarves M brought me back from her trip to China! ^^ They are the small square kind, perfect for rolling up and tying around my neck.


Lace cropped top from Aritzia. A good way to layer without overheating during the humid summer.

Summed up? It was cold.

So cold that even my eyelids were cold lol. A whole new sensation in itself.



See that black car on the left side of the picture? That’s someone’s Porche. Nothing weirder than seeing it drive through the crappy dirt roads of a provinical park. It must be their “crappy car” eh?


The beach I wish I could of swam in. Night time on the beach is awesome though, soooo many stars.


Bee’s “reverse Smore” lol.


Noona’s dog Fatty. Isn’t she cute? :3

Happy long weekend! I’m gone camping (yes in the rain and cold) all weekend!

I’ll be back on Monday!

Yesterday…After being released from jury duty (ugh).


I’m such a dork. lol.





It’s been a very taxing day. I’m drained. I can’t wait to get out of this “jury duty” stuff and go back to work!

But enough of the crap.

Bee bought me a 1/2 dozen cupcakes from The Cupcake Shoppe on Friday! *Heart*


The mocha one (“Sleepless in Toronto”) was eaten before I could get a photo lol. :9

Say hello to my new dress shoes for special occasions. Bought on Sunday.


Holt Renfrew Last Call at Vaughn Mills. $65 down from around $500. Finally got those old white satiny ones replaced which I managed to ruin after last year’s grad formal. That’s what booze + dancing + downtown pavement gets me. They were destoryed beyond belief lol.

Quick post because I’m so tired today. Spent all day working the booth at a tradeshow for work.

Some recent buys…


White leather peep toe slingbacks, Naturalizer from Winner’s.


Red and white striped sundress, H&M.


Japanese paper, The Paper Place. DIY project coming soon.

Off to bed now!



I took my mom to see the Sound of Music last night for (an early) Mother’s Day. She loved it! We sat 4th row center, how awesome is that? I could see all the performer’s expressions and all the faces of the von Trapp family. Very cute! The youngest one was only 5 years old! It was so good.

img_00871Shirt – American Eagle Men’s | Belt – Forever 21 | Skirt – American Apparel (it’s actually the u-neck dress) | Tights – Calvin Klein | Flats – Gap | Bag – Marc by Marc Jacobs

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