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I’m a terrible blogger lol. And thus, I have found something that will allow me to post random stuff from the Internet AND the randomness that is my life…Ah Tumblr…


Mah Mah, you will be missed dearly. Rest in peace. I know you’re in heaven playing slots and watching movies.

Me and my grandma in 1988:


June 30, 2009

Picture 28

Frigging shopping ban. This dress is hot and I want it. I don’t know in what colour yet though. Black? Creme? Sea blue (shown)?

Going to drag Bee to AA tomorrow so I can try it on and order it online when the ban is over (15% with newsletter signup!)

Let’s not talk about the fact that it costs $58 CAD…lol. Damn.

Wheee. I get the whole house AND the car all to myself for the next 10 days. Mommy and Daddy are gone on vacation! They are off for an Alaskan cruise and 2 days in Victoria, British Columbia. Instructions they left me:

Mom: Sweep at least once. I sweep twice a week minimum, I don’t want a messy house when I get back.
Dad: Vacuum the car please I emptied it out. Oh can you mow the lawn too next weekend?
Mom: I stocked the freezer with premade meals I made for you this week. There is marinated ribs, curry chicken and Korean beef (she means bugolgi). Most meats need a day plus overnight to defrost. Don’t use the rice cooker to make brown rice.
Dad: Remember that it’s garbage day next Friday, don’t drag the recycling bin out. Oh and they’re collecting yard waste that day too, you gotta put the tree branches out.
Mom: Don’t go driving around. Just to and from work.
Dad: I left our itinerary on the bulletin board. Don’t call our room unless it’s a REALLY BIG emergency. It’s FIFTEEN DOLLARS PER MINUTE.

lol. Parents. I’m 23 and this is the first time they’re leaving me home alone.

Picture taken from American Apparel website.

Happy long weekend! I’m gone camping (yes in the rain and cold) all weekend!

I’ll be back on Monday!

It was five years ago today.

Chinese food. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. A broken umbrella.

Happy 5 years Bee~

I love you and I wouldn’t change any of this for the world.



(Photos from our anniversary last year – A frozen pond just north of the city.)

I am so fickle with these things. I swear.

I’m back.

Going to take another stab at this whole blogging thing.

Third time’s the charm right?

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