Wig – Party Packagers | Sunglasses – WalMart | Tunic – American Apparel | Belt – H&M | Leggings – WalMart | Gloves – H&M | Bracelet – Forever 21 | Ankle Boots – Nine West

So I dressed up like Lady Gaga and Bee went as the paparazzi. I failed to get a full outfit shot, but it was all black anyways lol.

I DIY’d the sunglasses with tin foil, hot glue and sparkles. The one-shouldered tunic I’m wearing is actually this dress which I cinched with a wide waist belt. You can’t see the leggings but they are the latex/leather/liquid-looking type that American Apparel sells for like $48. I actually found them for $8 at WalMart. Even Urban Behaviour sells them for $20!!

The only thing I actually bought for this costume was the wig, sunglasses and the leggings. Oh and some fake eyelashes. I also have a gold lightning bolt attached to my face. I hadn’t glued yet in this pic.

Michelle Phan on YouTube has awesome makeup tutorials. I used her Lady Gaga one to “complete” my look.

All in all, a very fun night.

PS. I decided to jump on the Twitter bandwagon finally. LOL.