Picture 28

Frigging shopping ban. This dress is hot and I want it. I don’t know in what colour yet though. Black? Creme? Sea blue (shown)?

Going to drag Bee to AA tomorrow so I can try it on and order it online when the ban is over (15% with newsletter signup!)

Let’s not talk about the fact that it costs $58 CAD…lol. Damn.

Wheee. I get the whole house AND the car all to myself for the next 10 days. Mommy and Daddy are gone on vacation! They are off for an Alaskan cruise and 2 days in Victoria, British Columbia. Instructions they left me:

Mom: Sweep at least once. I sweep twice a week minimum, I don’t want a messy house when I get back.
Dad: Vacuum the car please I emptied it out. Oh can you mow the lawn too next weekend?
Mom: I stocked the freezer with premade meals I made for you this week. There is marinated ribs, curry chicken and Korean beef (she means bugolgi). Most meats need a day plus overnight to defrost. Don’t use the rice cooker to make brown rice.
Dad: Remember that it’s garbage day next Friday, don’t drag the recycling bin out. Oh and they’re collecting yard waste that day too, you gotta put the tree branches out.
Mom: Don’t go driving around. Just to and from work.
Dad: I left our itinerary on the bulletin board. Don’t call our room unless it’s a REALLY BIG emergency. It’s FIFTEEN DOLLARS PER MINUTE.

lol. Parents. I’m 23 and this is the first time they’re leaving me home alone.

Picture taken from American Apparel website.