I skipped out on going to casino night in Niagara with Bee and his buddies tonight to get some much needed rest.

I missed 2.5 days of work earlier this week becuase I got food poisoning! Ugh. Eating habits have gone back to almost normal today.

Damn you Forever21!!


Nautical and lace, what’s not to love? I also bought an oversized white tee, but no pix. Side rant: Who keeps buying up the size smalls!? F21 needs to produce more, I always end up resorting to buying medium…If I can pull it off.


Assorted Forever 21 accessories. I swear every time I go in that store I end up braving the horrendous change room and cashier lines to try/buy stuff.

So now I feel so frivolous with my hard earned money. Not that I’m in debt or need to save for anything (because I put away one full paycheque a month in just my savings), but I’m going on a one month shopping ban which started June 1!! No clothes/shoes/accessories/cosmetics. Let’s see how it goes.

I leave you with this:


View from Bee’s place after last Saturday’s thunderstorm. The rainbow was so big I couldn’t capture the whole thing in one shot.