I’m glad tomorrow is Friday. I’m more exhausted than I usually am for some reason. I need the weekend to relax!! On the plus side it looks like GORGEOUS weather is in store for the next 3 days!

I went to Winner’s the other night after dinner and came back with:


Calvin Klein sheer black tights. I gave up buying tights at H&M, I keep ripping them after 2 or so wears. Plus Winner’s = cheaper, you just gotta be patient and dig more. Last year I scored a pair of really pretty Givenchy lace tights from there for only $7.99. Hah. Eat that H&M and your $12.95 tights!

I also bought a pair of sling-backs, I love the mix of gray and beige. $80, all leather, made in Italy. Similar price to Aldo, but much better quality.

This is for you, Jae:


A close up of the earrings I wore in the last post.

Oh, so Matthew Williamson for H&M was released today. I wonder if it was insane at the Eaton Centre and Bloor Street stores. The prices seem even steeper this time around and the economy is down, I bet there will be pieces hanging around in the next few weeks. A few weeks after Comme des Garçons dropped I still saw quite a few cardigans, shirt, bags and shoes still in the Eaton Centre store. Perhaps I will try my luck in a few. I wouldn’t mind this dress:


As pretty as it is I would never buy this dress, the website is telling me it’s $199 Canadian. Ouch. (Picture from the H&M website)