It’s been two days of mostly rainy weather. I say mostly because the sun did make a brief appearance today, but then more rain after.

So to cheer myself up (the rain makes me feel gloomy), I wore my new yellow cardigan. Yay low-quality MacBook Photo Booth photos because I was lazy!


photo-85Earrings – Etsy | Scarf – H&M | Cardigan – H&M | Pants – Joe Fresh |

A first peak into my work wear! FYI, that white “tag” on my pants is actually my key card to get in and around the office. I do a lot of creative work (think advertisement writing/design/planning), but it’s a conservative place. So work wear is required to be business casual. Also, no casual Fridays. I bend the rules a bit more when it’s warm…I LIVE in skirts and dresses at work in the Summer. They just make much more fun outfits than grey/black/pinstriped trousers.