I spent most of Friday cleaning out my closet and dresser. I swear I am such a pack-rat!


My closet…I manage to keep almost all of my shoes in here too.


My dresser.


I have so much clothes that I am even using two drawers from my desk to keep clothes in. One for tanks and the other for tees. I also have a large roll-away storage container under my bed for seasonal stuff storage.


Stuff I will be donating to the Salvation Army. Hopefully they’ll find new homes. These piles don’t include some other items that I’m giving to my 16 year old cousin.

It feels good to be able to close m dresser properly again lol.

I also decided to bake some cookies. Bunny shapes for Easter!


Bunny cookie complete with face customized by my mom hehe. She’s so funny.


Green tea shortbread cookies. They are really good! Recipe is from here.