Special 5th anniversary plans were postponed again this Saturday due to Baby#2 (aka. Bee’s beloved Honda Prelude) being in the shop. We didn’t do the anniversary thing last weekend because Bee got pretty sick with a flu/cold.

So instead we grabbed a day pass and traveled around the city via public transit, just like how we did when we first started dating. The day began with lunch in Greektown. I forgot to take a lot of food pictures today, probably because by the time I get my food all I want to do is eat it!

We spent most of our day exploring the Distillery District and then hanging around Habourfront until dinner time. The day ended off with dinner in Koreatown at our usual place.



Snack time at Cafe Uno in the Distillery.


Bee said this “tree” in the Distillery reminded him of Q-Tips lol.


Some art at the Habourfront Centre.


Our hungry little friend.

img_1808Shirt – American Eagle Men’s | Belt – Forever 21 | Leggings – H&M | Boots – Aldo