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So yesterday Bee came and picked me up after work so we could head to Milestones for dinner. They were having this “date night” promo where basically it’s buy one get one free. We had 2 appetizers and 2 entrees for about $32 (after tax, before tips)!! Food was so good, we haven’t been to Milestone’s in awhile. The wait time was crazy though, we got there a little after 5pm and we still waited about an hour and 20 minutes before we got our table! Although, having a drink while waiting does make the time go by faster.

Warning: Shoddy camera phone pictures ahead because I forgot my camera at home!


Bellini + Sangria…Yum.


Kobe beef sliders. Squee! Mini hamburgers! lol.


Cajun popcorn shrimp.


Portobello mushroom chicken.


Shrimp diane.

Damn. Looking at food pictures make me hungry.

What I wore (straight from work, hence the tired face):

img_1936Tee – Club Monaco | Sweater – Mendocino | Skirt – Forever 21 | Tights – Calvin Klein | Heels – from Winner’s


Sephora sent me an email coupon the other week for 15% everything in their store or online, which is awesome because cosmetics (especially brand name stuff), NEVER goes on sale here. Even my mom took advantage of the discount and bought some $62 Clinique eye cream lol.


L – R: Sephora eye crayon in silvery black | Cargo liquid eyeliner in black | Dior lipstick sample | Sephora glass nail file

Thanks to my mom’s eye cream purchase I had enough points for a delux sample. Dior Addict high shine lipstick!


I am also loving the Cargo liquid eyeliner because it’s like a felt tip marker. Esprit’s Red Earth Cosmetics used to have liquid liner like this way back when I was in high school, but I haven’t been able to find it for years now. I’m pretty sure they discontinued it.


I’m glad tomorrow is Friday. I’m more exhausted than I usually am for some reason. I need the weekend to relax!! On the plus side it looks like GORGEOUS weather is in store for the next 3 days!

I went to Winner’s the other night after dinner and came back with:


Calvin Klein sheer black tights. I gave up buying tights at H&M, I keep ripping them after 2 or so wears. Plus Winner’s = cheaper, you just gotta be patient and dig more. Last year I scored a pair of really pretty Givenchy lace tights from there for only $7.99. Hah. Eat that H&M and your $12.95 tights!

I also bought a pair of sling-backs, I love the mix of gray and beige. $80, all leather, made in Italy. Similar price to Aldo, but much better quality.

This is for you, Jae:


A close up of the earrings I wore in the last post.

Oh, so Matthew Williamson for H&M was released today. I wonder if it was insane at the Eaton Centre and Bloor Street stores. The prices seem even steeper this time around and the economy is down, I bet there will be pieces hanging around in the next few weeks. A few weeks after Comme des Garçons dropped I still saw quite a few cardigans, shirt, bags and shoes still in the Eaton Centre store. Perhaps I will try my luck in a few. I wouldn’t mind this dress:


As pretty as it is I would never buy this dress, the website is telling me it’s $199 Canadian. Ouch. (Picture from the H&M website)

It’s been two days of mostly rainy weather. I say mostly because the sun did make a brief appearance today, but then more rain after.

So to cheer myself up (the rain makes me feel gloomy), I wore my new yellow cardigan. Yay low-quality MacBook Photo Booth photos because I was lazy!


photo-85Earrings – Etsy | Scarf – H&M | Cardigan – H&M | Pants – Joe Fresh |

A first peak into my work wear! FYI, that white “tag” on my pants is actually my key card to get in and around the office. I do a lot of creative work (think advertisement writing/design/planning), but it’s a conservative place. So work wear is required to be business casual. Also, no casual Fridays. I bend the rules a bit more when it’s warm…I LIVE in skirts and dresses at work in the Summer. They just make much more fun outfits than grey/black/pinstriped trousers.

Finally the weather is warming up and I’m more in the mood to wear colour.

Buys from Saturday’s shopping day with M:


A light yellow Cardigan and a scarf that falls within the same colour scheme from H&M. Shopping with a friend is the best when it comes to those buy one get one free/2 for the price of 1 deals. I don’t need two cardigans, but getting one for around $12 is pretty sweet.


More waist belts! This one is from Forever 21.

“So…Does that belt keep your pants (or skirt) up?” – What Bee says often about me wearing belts that cinch at the waist lol.

I bough flip-flops from Old Navy too, but I was too lazy to photograpgh them. Plus there’s nothing special about them, they’re just to match my bathing suit for the beach.

Bee couldn’t make it out to the city this weekend due to his exams, so I made plans with M instead on Saturday.

We hit up Yorkville, Kensington, Queen West AND Eaton Centre…Only to realize we’re not that young anymore lol. Bubbletea breaks are definitely a must.



Mini-cupcakes from Cora’s in Kensington. So cute and yummy! M and I both had the red velvet ones…Mmmmm.

After a full day of shopping (more on my buys later) we headed back into the ‘burbs where K picked us up for dinner.


Grilled butterfish roll, I prefer my sushi raw, but this wasn’t bad. M likes to play with her food, if you didn’t notice lol.

After dinner we drove over to T&T to pick up some Asian snacks to sneak into the movies.

K decided to park his car at the theaters next to these guys:


Canadian Geese are as evil as this flash-heavy photo makes them out to be. Hissing geese scare me!

We saw Adventureland. I was expecting it to be less drama and more funny, except it was the other way around. Enjoyable nonetheless and a great way to end off a long day!

What I wore (yes, it’s that men’s shirt again):


Shirt – American Eagle Men’s | Top – Forever 21 | Tank (underneath) – H&M | Belt – Forever 21 | Shorts – old Guess jeans | Tights – Calvin Klein | Boots – Aldo

I spent most of Friday cleaning out my closet and dresser. I swear I am such a pack-rat!


My closet…I manage to keep almost all of my shoes in here too.


My dresser.


I have so much clothes that I am even using two drawers from my desk to keep clothes in. One for tanks and the other for tees. I also have a large roll-away storage container under my bed for seasonal stuff storage.


Stuff I will be donating to the Salvation Army. Hopefully they’ll find new homes. These piles don’t include some other items that I’m giving to my 16 year old cousin.

It feels good to be able to close m dresser properly again lol.

I also decided to bake some cookies. Bunny shapes for Easter!


Bunny cookie complete with face customized by my mom hehe. She’s so funny.


Green tea shortbread cookies. They are really good! Recipe is from here.

Last weekend’s buys…


Large silver costume ring (Forever21).


Bow hair clips (Forever21).


Colourful faux-snakeskin belt (Forever21).


White tank with flower detailing (Forever21).


Silver ring holder by Umbra (Bergo Designs in the Distillery District).

Easter long weekend! Which means I don’t have to go to work tomorrow!! Time to make my wardrobe less gluttonous.

Special 5th anniversary plans were postponed again this Saturday due to Baby#2 (aka. Bee’s beloved Honda Prelude) being in the shop. We didn’t do the anniversary thing last weekend because Bee got pretty sick with a flu/cold.

So instead we grabbed a day pass and traveled around the city via public transit, just like how we did when we first started dating. The day began with lunch in Greektown. I forgot to take a lot of food pictures today, probably because by the time I get my food all I want to do is eat it!

We spent most of our day exploring the Distillery District and then hanging around Habourfront until dinner time. The day ended off with dinner in Koreatown at our usual place.



Snack time at Cafe Uno in the Distillery.


Bee said this “tree” in the Distillery reminded him of Q-Tips lol.


Some art at the Habourfront Centre.


Our hungry little friend.

img_1808Shirt – American Eagle Men’s | Belt – Forever 21 | Leggings – H&M | Boots – Aldo

I love getting mail! Except when it’s my credit card bill…


Ah Forever 21. As if M and I didn’t do enough shopping two Saturdays ago; we ordered some stuff online together from Forever 21. Free shipping after $75!

My buys:


Rings and earrings to add to my ever-growing collection.


A lightweight cardigan/shawl thingy. Perfect for the summer when I freeze indoors because of the air conditioning. Oh and I bought a belt too, but they are so finicky to photograph.

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