I have been hunting for the perfect button-down to  wear casually on the weekends.

I wanted it in a longer cut, couldn’t be white and the cuffs had to be a different colour so the sleeves would look good rolled up. Oh and I wanted it cheap too. None of this paying $50+ for a dress shirt. I found it today whilst shopping with my mom.


American Eagle. Xsmall in men’s. $19.99. I was surprised on how well it fit me! Love.



Details, details…

On another note, my uncle and aunt just got back from a month-long trip in Japan.


Something for me!


Green tea and a mug from Starbucks! The Starbucks here definitely don’t sell mugs as nice as this one. Now I don’t have to drink the crappy Lipton green tea bags they have at work anymore. Bleh.