Wig – Party Packagers | Sunglasses – WalMart | Tunic – American Apparel | Belt – H&M | Leggings – WalMart | Gloves – H&M | Bracelet – Forever 21 | Ankle Boots – Nine West

So I dressed up like Lady Gaga and Bee went as the paparazzi. I failed to get a full outfit shot, but it was all black anyways lol.

I DIY’d the sunglasses with tin foil, hot glue and sparkles. The one-shouldered tunic I’m wearing is actually this dress which I cinched with a wide waist belt. You can’t see the leggings but they are the latex/leather/liquid-looking type that American Apparel sells for like $48. I actually found them for $8 at WalMart. Even Urban Behaviour sells them for $20!!

The only thing I actually bought for this costume was the wig, sunglasses and the leggings. Oh and some fake eyelashes. I also have a gold lightning bolt attached to my face. I hadn’t glued yet in this pic.

Michelle Phan on YouTube has awesome makeup tutorials. I used her Lady Gaga one to “complete” my look.

All in all, a very fun night.

PS. I decided to jump on the Twitter bandwagon finally. LOL.



Wheeee…Took two vacation days off this week!

Off to Buffalo tomorrow with M and K for some serious shopping (and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, yum!).

When it rain, it pours
For Jae! 🙂
I’ve just realized how terrible I am at using polyvore!
PS. I should update this blog. My Tumblr is full of random stuff, this blog is meeee.
But I’m so lazy. zzz.

I’m a terrible blogger lol. And thus, I have found something that will allow me to post random stuff from the Internet AND the randomness that is my life…Ah Tumblr…



Until I leave for Las Vegas! I’ll be back on Thursday!

(Picture from here)

So I just got back from having a small birthday dinner with M and K…They took me out for dinner and K bought me $24 worth of instant scratch lotto cards, but I ended up winning $17 only lol. My actual birthday is tomorrow! Yay~

On the weekend Bee took me to dinner at Sultan’s Tent. Mmmm, Moroccan food!


Dress – Richard Chai for Target | Cardigan – Jacob | Shoes (not shown) – BCBGirls


We got to watch a live belly dancing show! It was really fun 🙂


After dinner we headed back to his place for a cake he baked for me! It was the first time he ever baked a cake…It’s shaped like Pac Man! lol.





Dress and bunny from Anthropologie. Bee necklace from Swarovski. Thanks Bee, you’re the best! I ❤ you~~

Really. Talk about unannounced hiatus.

The weather is finally hot in the city. No more garbage strike. Work is super stressful. Life is busy. Bee starts his new job tomorrow. Our birthdays are coming. Looking forward to my vacation (T minus 25 days)!

Last weekend:

Blowfish + Skybar for a friend’s birthday. Good times.


The makimono rolls from our Japanese omakase style dinner.


Skybar rooftop patio at the end of the night.

IMG_1106Hairband (it’s a black flower camouflaged in my hair) – Banana Republic | Dress – American Apparel | Shoes – Holt Renfrew Last Call

These were taken a little while ago. On Canada Day I think. Bee took me out so I could clear my mind of all the stuff that had been going on. We drove around and eventually found ourselves here:


IMG_2129Tee – Forever 21 | Skirt – Talula (Aritzia) | Bandeau – Free People | Jewelry – Tiffany&Co. + Forever 21 | Sandals – Aldo | Bag – Gucci

Bee. Korean food. Shopping. Shops at Don Mills. Anthropologie. Brüno. Chili’s. Marble Slab Creamery. Evening walks in the park. Swings at the playground. Watching the Office. Sleep.

Another lovely Saturday spent with Bee. Brüno was funny, but shocking lol.

IMG_2140Dress – French Connection | Bag – Gucci | Sandals – H&M

I should get Bee to help me take more detailed shots. I totally look like I have gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe or something in this picture, haha.


Cheesecake ice cream plus fresh strawberries!! Om nom nom :9

Mah Mah, you will be missed dearly. Rest in peace. I know you’re in heaven playing slots and watching movies.

Me and my grandma in 1988:


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